Whitepaper Modern Doctors & Pharma

Whitepaper Modern Doctors

This paper explores the opinions and perceptions of a young generation of doctors about the pharmaceutical industry. 

Modern doctors – as we like to call them – are different from the previous generations of doctors. Modern doctors are millennials, who were born between 1980 and 1994 and grew up in the digital era, likely with a Tamagotchi in their hands. They are ambitious and goal-oriented, they like new challenges, and they are open to changes and collaboration with others. 

Being the youngest generation of doctors, they are likely to shape the future of medicine; thus, we think it would be interesting for you to discover their opinions regarding the pharmaceutical industry.

  • How do modern doctors see the role of the pharmaceutical industry?
  • What image do they have about them? 
  • Is cooperation between these two fields of healthcare even possible? 

We answered these and many more questions by asking 100+ modern doctors to share their opinion.

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