Develop amazing HCP engagement solutions in only 12 weeks.

Specifically designed for pharmaceutical companies.

Added value as the solution for the declining market access

The MAKESENSE ENGAGEMENT PROGRAM ™ is a 12-week innovation program where we help you create and develop your new & innovative HCP engagement tool.

So you can build sustainable relationships with your target audience of healthcare professionals.

The Smart Way to gain Access & make Impact

We all know market access is declining. The pandemic has accelerated this process and the effects will remain post-corona.
In these evolving times, how do you stay relevant as a pharmaceutical company for your target audience of HCPs?
At MakeSense we strongly believe in co-creating with your target audience, emerging fully into their world. This means involving HCPs at an early stage and developing solutions based on their precise needs.
We help pharmaceutical companies & HCPs to innovate in healthcare with our MakeSense Engagement Program. All to make a sustainable & positive impact on patient care.


Jochum Damstra, Founder MakeSense Health



Real change & engagement in only 12 weeks

Less influence and decline of access. The old market access strategies and tactics have fallen short and Pharmaceuticals need to create new ways for engagement so they can bring value now and in the future.



Specially developed for Pharmaceutical companies

Developing solutions in co-creation with healthcare professionals.

How do you connect with these professionals and build together on solutions that matter? We help you in this process.

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"With MakeSense we have taken a new step in our digital transformation. Because MakeSense thinks along with us strategically and offers our organization concrete handles, they take us to a higher level, step by step.

Niels Willems - Head of Innovation & Engagement @ Viatris

Our MakeSense Engagement program accelerates progress

How do you connect with these professionals and build together on solutions that matter? We help you in this process.