We help healthcare organizations
to transform and innovate

MakeSense Health

Digital innovation in healthcare: from idea to reality

Big tech is changing the healthcare market and the way we view the world. The world is changing so fast that organizations need to move with it and change with it 

We help pharmaceutical companies in this transition and help them transform from the inside out to the world of tomorrow. 

Innovation program - 3 months


For impact makers

In a well-defined three-month program, we develop a unique engagement process with innovative teams of pharmaceutical companies where we develop a working prototype: process guidance + prototype.

From zero-to-one in 3 months where we work with a dedicated team to create a solution for a specific group of medical specialists or patients. Think of developing an app or an innovative way to build a relationship with doctors.

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Organizational Change - 12 months


For organizational change

We help leading pharmaceutical companies work in a new way: experiment, fail & scale.

Our clients all have one thing in common; they want to make a lasting positive impact on health care and are willing to step into the unknown to do so.

Through a 12-month change management process, we prepare organizations for tomorrow's world through training, workshops, process improvements and pilot projects.

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Our Method

We believe in transforming companies from the inside out and continuously accelerating their momentum to stay ahead of market disruption. Collaborating with our clients is essential to driving this change.
We combine our skills in strategy, digital, analytics, strategic operations and change management to help healthcare add real value.


"We partner with pharma to address the driving forces impacting healthcare, including systems sustainability, digitally driven innovation, patient-centered care, the rise of customized treatment, wellness and prevention. In doing so, we are as motivated as the healthcare sector to create meaningful, lasting change."

Jochum, Founder MakeSense Health


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