The 3-month innovation program:

develop digital healthcare solutions
that matter with the 3-month innovation program!

Quickly and efficiently test & develop your healthcare innovation idea. Co-create with healthcare professionals.

Do you have an idea that could improve the healthcare system? And impact the lives of HCPs?

Would you like to explore this idea further and to develop it with a team of healthcare innovation experts?

Start with our custom 3-month innovation program and make your idea concrete!

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Identify the challenges
your personas

Understand the challenges and needs of your target audience, thanks to customer interviews and team workshops.

Co-create a perfect tool with HCPs

Test your idea and receive feedback from healthcare professionals, and create a continuous feedback loop to perfect your solution.

Design a roadmap

Create a launch plan for your solution, a value proposition, a business model, identify the relevant partnerships and build a strategy to integrate the project within your company.

Develop a prototype

With our help, finalize a prototype of your solution thanks to customer’s feedback.

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Whether you have ‘just’ observed a problem or whether you have already devised a concrete solution: we offer a suitable program for each phase.

With one fixed ingredient: developing innovative solutions in collaboration with healthcare professionals.

The benefits of joining this 3-month innovation program

100% focused on healthcare

MakeSense’s innovation programs have been specially developed for innovation within the healthcare sector.

Collaborate with HCPs

Your idea will be tested and developed together with healthcare professionals, so that the product or service really meets their needs.

Quick and efficient

No endless product development, but your product or service up and running within a few months!

Guidance by experts

Our team of innovation specialists has more than 10 years of experience in innovation.

Let’s improve the healthcare system together, by creating innovative solutions that will improve patients’ lives and healthcare professionals’ daily job.

Jochum Damstra, Founder of MakeSense Health

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